Thursday, 24 March 2016

Woozworld OmEGGaz Quest Walkthrough

Hi Woozens! Woozworld made a quest named OmEGGaz and some woozens are still having trouble with it so I'm going to walk you through it.


1. Click on the link Woozworld put in to go to the Unitz.

2. Find these eggs in these Featured Unitz.

3. Return to Easter Island to talk to the Guard Rabbit by clicking on the link.

4. Find the Moai in Coconut Grove. It's hidden carefully between two palm trees and at first glance it looks like a few rocks. You will have to go near it and take a picture with it but you don't have to save the picture.

5. Go back to Easter Island.

6. Get the Rabbit outfit and wear it. You don't have to buy it from Shopz. You can buy it with beex or trade with other woozens to get it. I asked my friends to lend me theirs.

7. Now you have to say the sentence below \/

8. Go to the OmEGGaz House Entrance then click on the entrance to Steve Hops' Office Corridor. Then you have to click on the door but it has a password.

9. Follow the link to the Private Garden. You have to walk around the unitz clicking the carrots. When you get the the end on the left, click on the carrot patch on your right.

10. Follow the link back to the CEO Rabbit's Office.

11. Next you have to click on the 20 white rabbits coming out of eggshells that pop up around Woozworld.

12. Return to the CEO Rabbit's Office (AGAIN!!)

13. Now you have to complete the hardest mission in the whole quest; the maze! I watched a video on Youtube and here it is   \/

14. Return to Steve Hops' Office.. (why so much returning?)

15. Do this mission \/

16. Return here   \/

17. Wear the Symbz you just received in the Closet. (Closet only or you won't get your beex)

18. Activate your Symbz in a Featured Unitz.

19. Buy the OmEGGaz Expert Symbz in Shopz.

This is where I stopped because I don't know which one is the Expert Symbz. Until I return,

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