Style For Cheap

Recently, a lot of Woozens have been talking all about rares. We used to have simply trade centres but now we have Rare For Rare Trade Centres. So I (AmyVVoozy) will be doing posts on Style For Cheap. I will showcase a new outfit every week that costs very little beex and is super cute! So watch out for me this week!

This outfit is very cheap and looks super cute! The hair is called Angel of Lovz - girl hairstyle and the top is called Hipster Side Shirt. The skirt is called Japanese Schoolgirl Skirt and the shoes are Ballerina Heels. They can all be found cheap in Store or on Marketplace.

This outfit consists of Celebration Haircut, Sweater and Funky Kicks. They can all be found super cheap in Store. A lot of Woozens wear this sweater and it looks good with anything!

The hair in this outfit is Modern Hair, the top is V-neck, the jeans are Slim Jeans and the sneakers are 60s Rock Sneakers which you can find in the boy's section. The top is also worn a lot in Woozworld and is super cheap.

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