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Hai! I'm Amy! I absolutely ADORE blue! Every single shade of it I love, but my special favourite is Deep Sky Blue. As you can see, my hair is blonde but my skin is dark. That's because I really love this hair colour and it actually goes well with my skin colour! I'm 3/4 African and 1/4 British (or so I say to everyone who asks XD)

Haii! I'm Atepony. But, you can call me Ate, Pony or simply Tay ;) My favourite things in the world are cupcakes, pink, cupcakes, ponies, sparkly things, and cupcakes! I'm not much of a girly girl and some people tell me i'm too sensitive! I am a filipino which means i come from the Philippines.. Im also 1/3 spanish.... Fun fact: I LOVE CUPCAKES!

Hai! I'm Gen C: I <3 Pandas and the color blue C: I love to draw, play music and edit C: my favorite blue is pastel blue and I'm 2/4 Chinese, 2/4 Afrikaans and fully South African x)

Hey, I'm Yr, you can call me Silvia. I love to sing and in the future i want to be a veterinarian who travels the world and saves animals. I have 2 bunnies, and my favorite color is green. I have ever code code imaged ;) I'm 100 percent African (Proud of it) and i sound very British actually believe it or not.

Haii! I'm Lauraxer! I absolutely LOVE pink! I love almost every shade of pink but I love Hot Pink the most! I'm indian! I love bike riding in the Spring or Summer! I also LOVE swimming!!!!! I can finally touch the ground at the deep end area! xD I also love blogging! I'm a member on 4 blogs!

Hey baes! Im metro (: my favorite thing to do in my free time is play woozworld and my favorite sport is volleyball. I am obssesed with woozworld fashion C: My color code is blue and white. I come from the united states. Funny thing is my woozen looks alot like what i look like in real, i have brown hair and blue eyes.

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