(NEW) Quest Answers!


Answers! :D :D :D Because I'm nice.

1. Gonna be alright

2. The Bleeding Sun

3. American Dream

4. Light the Way

5. Meghan Trainor

6. That we got

7. In a bottle

8. To protect our home

Enjoy! x)

WNS Rock

Hey guys! Lauraxer here with the WNS Rock Quiz Answers!!! Here they are:
  1. Darkest Skies
  2. But You Will Remember Me
  3. A Weapon
  4. Just Keep Your Eyes On Me
  5. There's Nowhere We Can Hide
  6. Say Your Prayers
  7. All Sound The Same
  8. Just Not For Long 
  9. At The Start
  10. Metallica, Megadeth
Well I hope that helped! Bye
xoxo, Lauraxer

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